8gb limit ... OK, got it booting!!

8gb limit ... OK, got it booting!!

Post by Wayne » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 08:27:56

I did do that, probably while you were writing this note... and it worked!!!

Apparently I've been doing fp updates and copying partitions for years
and I probably never did start by building a new partition from scratch,
therefore the OS/2 system on the partition was fine, but the boot
records on the partition never did get updated.

So, I am past the initial stumbling block: I have a bootable OS/2
partition (usually, see below) out past the 8gb mark.

I still have a couple of outstanding problems to solve, but they are not
as urgent:

1. Since I started all these changes to move the partition further out,
including installing some extended partition stuff from an IBM site
recommended in an earlier reply, and upgrading my danis506.add program,
the old OS/2 system has been *** during bootup, and that hang has
carried over to the cloned OS/2.... the saving grace is that I can
eventually get past it by repeated re-boots. I note that my cdrom/DVD
drives are being revved up about the same time as the hang... whether
that has any bearing on the problem, I don't know, especially as it
happens even without a cd in the device.

2. I still need to get the installation diskettes up to speed... that
oughta be fun, since they are pretty well crammed full as is. I already
added SYSINSTX to the utility diskette (diskette #3 the last one of my 4
installation diskettes) in order to update the boot records on the
cloned OS/2 partition.

Thanks for the help, I'm not sure I ever would have figured out on my
own that the boot records needed to be changed.


8gb limit ... OK, got it booting!!

Post by Bob Eage » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 08:36:38


That was my suspicion. I'm pretty sure that using a post-FP13 FDISK *at
all* automagically updates the MBR, but the boot records are another

Not sure about that. I use SCSI almost exclusively. I'd check that the
CDROM drive is correctly jumper as master or slave, though.

There's some hints in the IDEDASD README on what you can delete and how
to do it all.

I researched the whole boot process for another reason a while ago...!



8gb limit ... OK, got it booting!!

Post by Wayne » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 12:59:15

I have both scsi and ide hard drives (two of each). The hard drive I've
been working on with this topic is ide; my DVD is ide, my cdrw is scsi
on a separate scsi controller. All these devices have been working fine
for at least 10 months, with the exception of a scsi cable problem
(maybe the new cable is developing the same problem). I really don't
know if any of these drives are the problem.

I'll have a look; I said it would be "fun" because I went through the
process about 18 months ago and squeezed everything I could out of them
to get them updated at the time, and it was a long, hard, road getting a
working set!