Audio Driver for Compaq EVO D300

Audio Driver for Compaq EVO D300

Post by Peter_Flas » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 05:02:46

I'm looking for an audio driver for the Compaq EVO D300. I downloaded
what purported to be one from the HP support site. It was supposed to
be a self-extracting disk image, but when I ran it it asked for the
target disk and then exited with an error. Does anybody have a driver
that works? Thanks.

BTW, I'm now well along with rebuilding my system. It looks like this
driver is the only piece still missing. Installing Warp from scratch
on a new machine is a chore, but worth it in the end!

Audio Driver for Compaq EVO D300

Post by William L. » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 08:39:06


Run PCI.exe and tell us what chipset it uses.
< ; get 1.1,
a DOS program, and the latest pcidevs.txt. Use the later to update the
same named file in the former (copy newer over the older version). Run
from DOS cli 'pci>e.txt' and use OS/2 cli 'e.exe e.txt' to look at the file.

Thanks a Million!