OS9 Memory Search

OS9 Memory Search

Post by Tim » Fri, 15 Dec 2006 22:58:22

Anyone know how to force OS9 (X86 version, but whatever...) to stop a
memory search at a fixed address - i.e. we have to force OS9 to operate
in first 8MB on a new board because at 8MB+ we have our own hardware
which will be paged in after OS9 boots (and right now when we try to
page it in, OS9 crashes because we blew its stack/heap away.)

We've access to full OEM/porting files - and have played with
sysinit.c, but nothing obvious in getting this to work. I thought of
assigning > 8MB to colored memory so OS9 wouldn't use it, but that
doesn't appear to do what we thought.

Many thanks
Tim Wortley
Kaye / GE Sensing

OS9 Memory Search

Post by OS-9 A » Fri, 15 Dec 2006 23:59:16

Hey Tim! Long time no see. Did you know RadiSys released a new
package of OS-9/x86 (4.7) this year? It's the first update/release
since 3.2 from a few years ago, actually. If you haven't seen it,
request the eval so you can check it out on your hardware.

You can request an eval here:


And the key to your memory configuration is the "init" module. You can
even edit the memory list inside a bootfile using "editmod". (Bootfile
must not be compressed; and always have a backup and backup way to boot
the machine in case you clobber the bootfile.)

editmod -e -f=bootfile init

...then you can go in to "2. init module contents" and then select "14.
memory list" and see the memory list that OS-9 will scan on startup.
Each entry has a start and end range, with the list terminated by and
entry with all 0x0's. So, adjust that to match what you really want.
(Adjusting the list to actual memory means you won't see any extra RAM,
and also may speed up boot time slightly since it no longer has to scan
all the extra non-existent memory.)

Hope that helps, and check out the 4.7 eval. From the docs on it you
can find the release notes for everything from 3.2 up to 4.7 -- might
be some things in there that apply for you.

-- OS-9 Al


OS9 Memory Search

Post by dasi » Tue, 19 Dec 2006 02:45:04

Hello Tim,

you must edit the default.des or config.des
If you have problems you can send me your config.des or default.des and
I will edit the files for you.

best regards

Daniel Simon
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