Custom headers screwing up postback

Custom headers screwing up postback

Post by notTol » Sat, 22 May 2004 00:48:19

I have a datagrid which has custom header added in in a grouping fashion as
per so many articles. Works fine.

in each normal row, there is a textbox which has
ontextchanged="MyChangeProc". with autopostback on (this is a small table
used by a small # people, autopostback is not a problem here). Same problem
happens btw if i turn autopostback off.

the headers are killing the postback for these boxes. If i have six group
headers, then postback, only the first six rows of textboxes will fire
OnTextChanged. The last n-6 wont. So i figured 'Ah, i know... im not getting
the headers back in on postback.' so i added a databind in PageLoad.
Now it switches the FIRST n-6 WONT work, where the last 6 will.

Any help on how to handle custom header rows in a grid that needs to do


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