OT: Why? [was DataGrid paging]

OT: Why? [was DataGrid paging]

Post by Jim Nugen » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 02:39:14

Why does the cited msdn article offer a download with the extenstion
".zip_.zip" with instruction to rename it to ".zip"??? What does this
accomplish? Just curious...
"Remember, an amateur built the Ark; professionals built the Titanic."


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2. [OT] Paging Frank K. (was: ' [OT] Why Bush?')

On 2004-11-06 XXXX@XXXXX.COM said:

> [ ... 631 lines crap-snipped ... ]
> Oh, yes...because, note, you think I'm a "crackpot"
> with the solar panels?
Hey Frank, why don't you tell ((( `\
Beth...from your own personal _ _`\ )
experience...about the 'joys' (^ ) )
of living off-grid? ~-( )
Somehow, it's hard to envision ,-' \_/ `\
Beth...a life-long city girl... ( , |
living on some patch of land in `-.-'`-.-'/|_|
Wales, managing her own woodlot, \ / | |
felling her own trees, chopping =()=: / ,' aa
her own firewood, and trying to
eke out sufficient solar power
from those cloud-shrouded British

Hehe! GET REAL, Beth! It's never gonna happen.

Have you ever used a chainsaw in your ENTIRE LIFE?
Do you even know what a chainsaw IS? Hehehe!

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