VxWorks TCP/IP Stack and incoming TCP connections

VxWorks TCP/IP Stack and incoming TCP connections

Post by Sourab » Sun, 14 Jan 2007 05:37:44

I am using VxWorks OS in one of the Embedded devices and I want to
establish a TCP connection with this device.
I send a SYN to this device which appropriately responds with a
SYN-ACK, however when i try to send a ACK, the VxWorks stack on my
device responds with "TCP previous segment lost" packet.
Sequence numbers and all are fine. I am seeing all this in ethereal.
The device and PC are connected to the same HUB.
Can anyone guide me towards a solution to this problem?
Thanks in advance


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Hi all,

i was wondering if someone could help me out a bit...
i am very-very new to Vxworks.. started looking at it about a month

i am trying to do some tcp/ip programming on Vxworks...
what i want to do is just to transmit some data using TCP/IP

i read some post and they say i should have a look at VxWorks Network
Programmer guide.. so i give it some reading but there is so much
information on it.. and i cant make head or tails of how to begin..

i read in the Network Programmer Guide, and it said (pg 67) that i
should use the following to start the TCP/IP:-

unfortunately.. i'm really not sure how to implement this...
so i was hoping if someone could please-please show me how to enable a
TCP/IP stack (attach the service, assign IP) and then send a packet of
a simple code sample would suffice if possible, just to get me

also.. when i use ifShow() in my Tornado VxSim, it report interface
address list not found, i think this is maybe due to the fact that
currently i am using an evaluation copy of Tornado (WindRiver
documents say i'm using VxWorks ED), i will get the full version
soon.. but in the mean time, i just want to get familiarized with the
method of proramming TCP/IP.

So if anyone could help me out, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

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