vxWorks did not recognize 4GB memory on a pentium board

vxWorks did not recognize 4GB memory on a pentium board

Post by wujunyon » Sat, 24 Nov 2007 21:29:06


I am porting a BSP onto a pentium board with Core 2 Duo processor and
ICH8 chipset. As I defined "INCLUDE_MEM_AUTOSIZE" in config.h,
allocated 1 GB to USER_RESERVED_MEM, I got only 3GB memory when
checking the memory amount calling "sysPhysMemTop". Does anybody here
have an idea and help me with that ? Thanks in advance.

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I am having a problem with Windows Vista 32bit. I have installed 4GB Kingston
667 memory on an ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard. Vista only recognises 3GB of
the memory. I understand that certain devies require memory mapped access. I
have a 256MB video card that will take up sojme of the available address
space. I also understand that 32bit versions of Vista limit the total
available memory to 3.12GB.

I have attempted to enable the memory remapping feature in the BIOS setup.
When I return to Vista, it only recognizes 2GB of memory.

Is there any way around this problem other than installing the 64bit version
of Vista?

In addition, if installing the 64bit version of Vista, will all of my
applications run successfully? I do have a few custom business apps running
and I do not know whether they have drivers for 64bit operation.

Thanks I realize that all of this is quite complex, but I am curious as to
whether there are any answers out there.

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