samsung ml-1710 poor print quality

samsung ml-1710 poor print quality

Post by info » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 17:26:22

I just purchased a Samsung ML-1710 and the text output is blurry, as
if there is too much ink. Every review i've read says that the output
of this printer is sharp. did i just get a bad one?

By playing with some of the driver settings, i got it to be a bit
eg. telling it that i was printing transparencies.

do i need to send this back? is this just because the toner is new?



samsung ml-1710 poor print quality

Post by Joe Haye » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 04:38:10

Sounds defective to me. Did you print a self-test page by holding down the
button for about 5 seconds? How does this look compared to what you're
getting now. I would probably go ahead an exchange the unit for another


samsung ml-1710 poor print quality

Post by Lugnu » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 05:53:44

I had problems with this printer too and to cut a long story short
problem was solved when I use the usb cable that came with the
printer. I was using a longer cable that I found was geared to USB 2.
This also solved the envelopes printing light. In words


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