Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by mike12 » Fri, 12 Aug 2005 04:46:14

NO one bought an HP Care Pack for ANYTHING?

Mike C :)

Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by zakezuk » Fri, 12 Aug 2005 05:51:46

> NO one bought an HP Care Pack for ANYTHING?

The last HP printer I bought was the PSC 950. Paid over $400 for that
thing. I was not aware of the care pack, but it matters not because
the pritner is still in service, though the scanner has become somewhat
flacky under windows, but not as a fax. I now have a Canon not because
the HP wasn't reliable... this printer wasn't their best egg but it
still wasn't bad... The cost of ink was highish.. that was my only
complaint other than I thought at the time the alignment strip for the
scanner faided... but clearly I was mistaken.

Anyhow I don't see paying $165 to keep a printer in service for 5
years. Given my last HP is still going after 5 years I can guess a
$200 printer will go for 2.5 years no problem, and if it fails after 3
years well I can get another $200 printer and be happy that no only I
saved money but at the fact that a newer printer will likely have the
latest and greatest in terms of print resolution and inks.

Keep in mind that if you are an average user, you're going to be buying
OEM refills. These can cost $50 to $80 no problem. So buying another
$200 printer really means your buying another $120 to $150 printer and
so long as your printer doesn't get replaced more than once over 5
years... it's cheaper in the long run not to bother with a 5 year
warranty plan.

Further, I don't understand your math. $165 for 5 years is 33/year for
the HP care pack. Where the Canon extended warranty is $95 for 3 years
which is $31.67. Looks to me like the Canon extended warranty is less
per year than HP by $1.33. Not that I'd consider that either. For
one thing their base solutions cost $100ish, sometimes less, so for the
price you can get two pritners which if each printer lasts for 1.5
years costs the same. That is not taking into account the $60 of ink
that comes onboard... taking that into account it's just as cheap as
buying a new printer every year.

Also what i'm not taking into account is the fact that the price of a
given model goes down over the years, so if your the bloke who doesn't
want to research new models, and your happy with what you got... just
buy another one. I've met many people who have reached the point on
the canon i960 where they either gotta replace the head, or buy a new
printer. What was once a very slick $400 printer is not a very decent
$100 printer... and taking into account it comes with $70 in ink....
replacement cost is $30. So does one pay $95 for 3 years of warranty
service or does one just buy another printer on closeout?

So in closing I have to say I don't see the point in the HP care pack
or extended warranty. Even on my $400 printer which is still printing
I wouldn't buy it. I've had it for about 5 years now IIRC and was more
than happy to replace it even though it didn't need it with another
printer... with extra features.

A good laser or a designjet... I can totally see the justification.
Consumer inkjets with a few exceptions are priced so low that it's
sometimes cheaper to buy the printer than the ink it comes with.


Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by mike12 » Mon, 15 Aug 2005 04:59:20

i Zakezuke,

WOW $400 for a printer? That is expensive. The reason is because
what I am saying to pay HP for 5 years yeah I know its going to be old
but when HP discontinues it (which is now but they still have a refurb
unit which cost LIST PRICE (USD) is $419.00 and the CORE PRICE (USD)
is $60.00 and the NET PRICE (USD) is $479.00.

(C8124-69002 Exchange 1
(Restored C8124-67002)Return of defective core required.
Replacement Business Inkjet 1100 Series printer - Does not include
print cartridges, power cord, or power module)

This is what HP rules for exchange

"Please note
Exchange 1: Initial charge to your credit card will be for the amount
in the net price column. If your defective core is returned to HP
within 30 days then the core charge will be credited and you will pay
the amount shown in the list price column."

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes or shipping and handling.

About my math this is how I calculated it. Extended warrenty I
rounded off for Canon is $95.00 close to $10.00 so it equals to
$33.00. For HP comparsion for 5 yrs for $165.00 (already rounded in
HP website) equals to 33.00. To this comparsion is the same. But yes
your right Canon is LESS expensive for the extended warrenty if you do
not round off the numbers. But then comparing the extended warrenty
to HP is better because for 5 yrs you get $33 per year where as Canon
rounded off to 3 yrs then it becomes $33 per year also.

Thank you for your suggestion. I appercaite it. The reason why I have
to extended the warrenty for my printer is becuase I have a personal
health problem and I am paying lot's of $$$ for my health then that is
why I want to extended my warrenty for my printer. I do not want to
research priinters becuase my health come first and if I spend a lot
on health I might extened the warrenty for my printer.

Have a great weekend.
Mike C :)
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Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by zakezuk » Mon, 15 Aug 2005 06:44:03

> Thank you for your suggestion. I appercaite it. The reason why I have

It's up to you or anyone else reading this whether it would be worth
it. You can shell out $165.00 to make sure your printer works for 5
years, take the risk that your printer will last that long and if not
buy one on the surplus circuit, or buy another printer as a spair for
less money than the extended warranty.

1. $165 $33/year for 5 years will give you the exact same printer you
have but risk some downtime up to a month if i'm reading your info
2. Take the risk... and if the printer fails hit or and find a dealer with the exact same model.
3. Don't risk it and just buy another printer.. a spare in case the
primary one fails.

Given the fact that the ink costs $136 for the printer, a good deal
considering the yield... and you can get a replacement printer for
between $130 and $165... I still have to wonder of $33/year is worth
it. I'd consider given the price stocking up on spair HP business jet
1100s. I'm assuming the ink with this printer is as full as the
replacement ink, an assumption I might not be correct on.

I'm empathic to anyone who wants to keep a singular printer in service
for as long as possible for whatever reason. Learning all the
particulars to a new printer takes time and ink which costs a pretty
penny. Under these condtions I see the above three choices as being
legit options. Whatever your choice more power too you.

I also agree with you on the issue of seperate tanks, which is the
reason I picked a canon this time around. They are totally seperate.
As with Epson... unless in both cases you go with some of their sub
$100 printers. Can't speak for brother though. But the HP is
definatly more of a workhorse than any of those printers. I would
have considered one had it not been for CD printing on the Canons.

Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by mike12 » Mon, 15 Aug 2005 08:13:56

OK Thank you for the reply. Yes I went to the link you showed me for
the compuvvest and NEW (RETAIL) cost $155.00 and refurb cost $120.00.
So what I did was to calculate the purchsed price would be $200.00 I
purchsed and if I buy another printer (same one from compuvest NEW)
$155.00 it would be $ 355.00.

If I calculate $200.00 and if I purchase (REFURB from compuvest) then
it would be $320.00

The difference would be $ 35.00 difference.

Thank you.

Mike C :)
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Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by zakezuk » Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:08:39

> The difference would be $ 35.00 difference.

I'm not sure i'm following your logic.

Ah... but if you were to for example
buy ink at a cost of 33.99 each for a total of $159.96


Buy a printer at a cost of $155 + shipping at a cost of between $15 and
$40... Let's assume the worst and say $195 total cost.

You can buy an extra printer for $35.04 dollars (much less if you don't
live on the east coast) if you were buying a full set of ink anyway
assuming you pay 159ish for a full set, and assuming it comes with a
full ink set, not including your local tax. I.e. buy a new printer,
open the box, take out the ink, use it, put the box under the bed with
spare printer.

The way I see it you can either go with the 5 year extended warranty...
which is not such a bad deal if you want to keep your printer in
service that long. Or the next time you have to buy ink, buy another
printer for $195, One spare should be enough.... or go for broke and
get two spares each time you need ink.

Assuming your buying ink anyway the expense isn't all that much higher.
It's a question whether you feel more comfortable with HP taking care
of you for 5 years, or feel more comfortable with the idea that if you
don't use these surplus printers you can sell them on e-bay, and as a
bonus you have less downtime with a spare printer. Always someone
who'd love to pickup an unused older model for parts, or to use. While
I feel the business jet is a quality product and worth the risk... each
person has their own feelings about what they feel comfortable with.

I know jack squat about compuvest... they are just a random dealer that
popped up from

Nedd suggestion/comments on HP CARE PACK no one bought an HP Care Pack?

Post by mike12 » Tue, 16 Aug 2005 07:59:59

I see thank. You help me a lot.

Mike C :)
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