Lexmark Optra C710 error 935 - Fuser

Lexmark Optra C710 error 935 - Fuser

Post by Dan Beh » Sat, 24 Jan 2004 20:23:23

Good morning,

When I try to print, the printer beeps and a message comes up saying
there's an error 935 Service Printhead. The manual says "the fuser is
not working properly" and "a service technician is required to correct
this condition".

I looked at the fuser, removed it looking for obvious physical faults,
but could not find any. What's the problem and how can it be solved -

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In Windows XP I do not get the HP toolkit anymore, because when I insert the
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software and drivers.

I bought another refill kit by NU-Kote and refilled another cartridge, still
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I have in the past refilled color cartridges and never had problems. What
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I am using AMD 1100, 512 Mb ram, Windows XP and have the latest driver from
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