Canon i960 printer & Kodak colour profile...

Canon i960 printer & Kodak colour profile...

Post by samperr » Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:27:01

Dear all

I have a i960 Canon printer since four years and wanted to through i
away when I got it
- The Eaysy-PhotoPrint software & supplied ICC colour profil
along with Canon PPP photo paper combination is just good for trash
Colours are saturated and too much red

- Do not use the printer settings proposed on Kodak's web site, the
are no good

- The best prints = to a lab finishing print is the following
i) I always used Kodak Premium Picture Paper
ii) Register to the Kodak Professional web sit
iii) Download the KProIJPaper_CaI960_V1 latest colour profile fo
the I960 or your printer model. Follow the instructions to install i
on your computer
iv) Install the ICC profile into
v) Set the printer driver settings as indicated in the PDF file
vi) Use the Kodak EasyShare printing software you will find fre
to download on the Kodak site

Note that I'm using Interactive Media Sales (IMS) ink refills
"". You can find it at COSTC

Note that I never used other paper than Kodak's but with the Kodak PP
paper you will get astonishing laboratory result

Good printing

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2. iMac, Canon i960 color management

OS 10.3.3
Photoshop Elements 2.0

I want to set up fpr printing photos, rather than web. The EXIF color space
from my camera is sRGB. Would you please check (and make comments on) my
understanding of my settings.

System Preferences for my iMac >Calibrate
Mac Standard
PC Standard
Use native gamma 2.36. I don't knoww whether to use this, or Mac Standard

Target white point. D50, D65. I have selected D65
After doing this, I assume my color selection then is "iMac Calibrated."

Open my photo. Do I use the embedded sRGG, convert to the RGB working space
or "Discard the embedded profile (don't color manage)."

PSE Color Setting. Iassume I use Full Color Management

Print options:
Preset - fine photo
Quality and Media - select the paper I have loaded.
Color Correction
No color management
Limited color management
Full color management. I assume I use this, or is it No management.

Have I missed any settings?


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