About Epson printers-the second party ink I use is better than Epson!

About Epson printers-the second party ink I use is better than Epson!

Post by Joseph Mil » Wed, 18 Apr 2007 04:38:02

I have an old Epson 1270 printer. When I used the Epson ink cartridges
that are specified for this printer I would often get clogs, especially
if I didn't use the printer for a week or two. This printer is notorious
for this. I installed a Mediastreet CIS system and NEVER had another
clog, even if I didn't print for a month or more. When it came time to
refill the tanks, I was able to find out who actually manufactures the
ink for them and bought the ink directly from the manufacturer. This
company is very professional and supplies professionals, so if they
change the formulation of an ink, they change the serial number and to
make it clear it is different formulation. They still carry the same
formualtion I have been using for years, and I consider it to be
superior to Epson ink. The colors are consistent, the prints last
longer than they did with the OEM ink, and I have never had even a hint
of a clog. I would never consider a printer that I could do the same
thing with.


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