Samsung ML-2149 laser printer

Samsung ML-2149 laser printer

Post by adrain-ten » Sat, 16 Oct 2004 18:56:07

Hi, can anyone help. I have a Samsung ML-2150 printer which is now
causing me some problems. When it runs to print, there is a sound like
growling noisy gears coming from the right hand side of the printer.
It prints fine using one sided printing but when I try to use the
duplex option the paper jams when it's loading paper back into the
unit, and shows a "Duplex jam" error. I have NOT looked inside it
because I have no information regarding dismantling the unit.
Has anyone any ideas on what could be the problem and if any repair
CD/manuals are available.



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My Samsung ML-2510 is on the light side -- OK for awhile, though
doesn't seem now to have lasted especially long for dark text. I've
probably refilled it myself going on a dozen times, and it's still
chugging away. I print bigger when possible with various formats and
text conversions, usually 75 page runs at a time. Some fade and white
speckled text, bands favoring the sides and running lengthwise down
the paper -- not as much an imposition as I make it sound, although
neither a gift. Personally don't care, as much as enjoying it for
material I like to carry with me to read. Also caught a couple extras
new on sale for $40 shipped, so it wouldn't matter whether I use a new
unit for toner/drum replacement, or even if one were dedicated to the
gift of text. In a pinch, one might be left in its box, in the
closet, for the price of better shoestands.

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