Need help with my HP 3320..................PLEASE.

Need help with my HP 3320..................PLEASE.

Post by Dunny Rumm » Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:01:21

I got a refill kit for the HP C8727 (Black) and HP C8728 (Color). All
went well refilling it and it prints perfectly but the printer still
sees the cartridges low or out when I bring up the request to see the
ink level and\or the low ink warning pop-up shows. Is there any way to
make my HP 3320 reset to see them as full (Which they are)?

Thank you.

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Hello everyone

I'm trying to find out, how to configure a Sun StoreEdge 3320
with a single RAID controller as a JBOD
but didn't find anything usable in the manuals.
We have herited this storage from a canceled project
and we don't want to use the redundancy features of this Array.
We want to use it as a JBOD under ZFS.
Using ZFS is a requirement of the actual project.

The array has 12 x 146 GB disks and a single RAID controller
and is connected to a V240.

What would you recommend to configure at the array for use with ZFS ?
Is there a way to use this array as a JBOD without replacing the RAID
controller ?

any hints are welcome
hav a nice weekend

Sven-Olaf Hilmer, Solaris System Engineer

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