Canon i960 on sale at... and refill ink

Canon i960 on sale at... and refill ink

Post by Gary » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:27:05

Where would be a good place to get refill ink. I just bought a Canon i960
and would like to refill.

I refilled my old Epson with some ink I got at Staples and it was never the
same printer. Always had banding problems since.

Would like to find a supplier of ink that will keep my Canon ruining like

Where do you guys buy from?


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I want to buy Canon printer that will be very easy to refill.

I can buy iP6600D for $165 with shipping and perhaps get
$25 rebate back or I can get iP4000R for $119 total.

What I am totally unsure about is refilling of either. iP6600D
uses new cartridges which do not seem to be available
from refillers. Also, supposed to be new and improved inks.
According to this group, they also have chips on them.
iP4000R uses very popular cartridges which are not chipped
and the replacements and inks are widely available. I am
not sure what all of this implies in terms of ease of refilling
and usage. Questions:

1. Will iP6600D take "regular", non-ChromaLife inks without
ill effects?

2. What exactly can I expect to happen in the case of chipped
cartridges on iP6600D when I go ahead and refill them?

3. Any issues with refilling and monitoring ink levels on ip4000?

4. Also, not clear about this one: Canon lists black printing
resolution 600x600 dpi for iP4000R but for iP6600D it claims the
same as for color: 9600 x 2400. Does this mean pure text will
be higher resolution? What what implication does the absence
of large black tank in the iP6600D will have?

Thank you very much for any comments you might have.


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