Help... answer this question please???

Help... answer this question please???

Post by Kurt Heide » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 13:33:57

I currently have a HP2110 all in one. For Xmas I have been scanning all my
family pictures and plann to burn them on CD's.

I have 202 slides that I want to scan, unfortunately HP says there is no
transparency adapter for my model.

Best prices I can find on the net to send them out range between $170 to

I can buy an HP3760 scanner at newegg that has the adapter built in for $73.

Quality I'm looking for would be good prints to 5 by 7.

which is the better way to go ??? spend for pro, or buy for less and end up
w/ a scanner.

Help... answer this question please???

Post by Maris V. L » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 14:36:13

I would buy a quality filmscanner - you're sure to be taking many more
pictures in the future that you will want to scan for the web or for print.



Help... answer this question please???

Post by Kurt Heide » Fri, 07 Nov 2003 01:17:16

Well, all pictures that i now take are with a digital camera. In fact the
minolta35mm SLR collects dust now. After I scan the 200 slides, any other
scans would be from existing pictures. My HP2110 seems to do a good enough

A quality filmscanner is not the option I'm going for. But thanks for the
advice. Guess i'm looking at the price of scans done at $1 an piece vs
buying a cheap scanner for a one time deal.


Help... answer this question please???

Post by Marko B » Fri, 07 Nov 2003 03:17:52

Try out the pro lab first.
If you'll like what you'll get spend the money.
Cheap low end film scanner will not give you much quality.


Help... answer this question please???

Post by Mike Russe » Fri, 07 Nov 2003 12:57:37

Here are some choices - send the slides in to a lab and get then scanned to
PhotoCD, which is very high quality, or Picture CD, which will be more than
adequate for good 5x7 prints. My guess by shopping around you can get your
slides done for abut 100 US dollars, and picture CD's for 1/3 that price.

If you want to scan the slides yourself, keep in mind that you'll spend
several minutes per slide, on dusting and scanning. For 202 slides that's
about 10 hours of work that will get old fast. Scanning is boring and most
of us would prefer to spend that time on printing and otherwise getting our
images ready for others to see.

If you want to go the scanner route, consider getting a used scanner on
eBay, scanning your slides, then reselling the scanner for about what you
paid for it. An older scanner such as a Nikon Ls20 or 30 will do a good job
and probably cost about $150. Or buy a new scanner and sell it on eBay.

But keep in mind if your price differential hits 100 dollars, you have paid
money for the privilege of spending 10 hours scanning your slides, and
getting results that are not quite as good as what you'd get by just sending
the slides to be scanned commercially.

There is the advantage that you'll be able to scan film in the future,
including any legacy images you have lying around, but why not use to the
money you'd spend on a scanner to go digital and forget about film? BTW -
using macro mode to photograph your slides digitally would also produce
adequate 5x7 images.


Mike Russell ~mgr