Scanning to PDF (Searchable) using OmniPage Pro 15

Scanning to PDF (Searchable) using OmniPage Pro 15

Post by TJ » Thu, 18 May 2006 16:32:15

Hello everybody!

I have a [simple] question. I just acquired a document scanner and
OmniPage Pro 15. Probably software overkill for what I need, but
that's exactly where my problem is.

All I want to do is stick documents in my scanner and have SEARCHABLE
PDF files created from them. OmniPage Pro is overwhealming me when I'm
looking through the options. Is there some way to simply have it scan
my docuemnts, run OCR, and then output a searchable PDF? The only OCR
options I can find seem to create Word DOCs.

Any thoughts?


Scanning to PDF (Searchable) using OmniPage Pro 15

Post by CSM1 » Thu, 18 May 2006 23:19:53

Omnipage can and will produce searchable PDF files.

You should read the Help for Omnipage. Start Omnipage, click on Help on the
main menu, click Help topics, Search tab, search for "Saving to PDF" include
the quotes. Click list topics.

Omnipage 15 is a very good OCR program.

Use Omnipage to acquire the image and to convert to text.

I recommend to NOT use the Automatic or 123, instead,
Step 1 scan to grayscale. Unless you have color pictures you want in color.
Step 2 Automatic works most of the time
In step 3 use Save to file, at File of type: use the dropdown arrow and
choose PDF with image on text.