atlas/ 2.0

atlas/ 2.0

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Hi, did you find some answer for this? Also very interested to know how to run Atlas with mobile devices.

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Hello. I have a Server running Version 2003. I had Dot.Net / Asp.Net 1.1
running, and all worked fine. I decided to only run the new 2.0 Version.
Sharepoint is no Problem, but WSUS caused errors in "W3SVC". So I thought it
might be the same as with Sharepoint, I new to reconfigure the
Rights. I found no Tool like in Sharepoint Services, and so I thought I
uninstall WSUS ( leaving Database saved ), and reinstall it. That was an
error, now Setup just says: 1.1 with SP1 needs to be installed on the
machine........ Is there a way to get it work and install only with 2.0???

Thanks for any help!

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