Close an app on a mobile device from a Windows app?

Close an app on a mobile device from a Windows app?

Post by Matt Taylo » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 21:34:40


I have a .Net windows application that transfers a data file via Active
Synch to a mobile device using the Windows CE API.

The problem I have is that the application on the mobile device will not
pick up the new data until it is restarted. This is because all the data
is read from the data file on application start up.

I don't want to have to tell my users that they must restart the mobile
device application after each data transfer because users forget and
start-up is the slowest part (due to the data reading ;) ).

I have considered adding a Refresh Data button to the mobile application
which forces the re-reading of the data file, but once again this relies
on the user remembering to press it after each transfer.

What I would like to do is close down (i.e. remove from memory
completely) the application on the mobile device from the Windows
application. I can then do this automatically after each data file

I have seen that the CE API has a CreateProcess method but there does
not seem to be and equivalent EndProcess method?

Is it possible to do?

I apologise that this posting has nothing to do with ASP.Net but this is
the only group I could find dealing with mobile devices.

Thanks in advance,


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