how to start developing in handspring (treo 600) pda

how to start developing in handspring (treo 600) pda

Post by TmlzYX » Fri, 27 Aug 2004 08:41:01

hi, im very much interested in developing a very straight forward application
which display some simple text and some graphics.

i would like to target my application to all PALM OS for now.

i don't know from where to start and how to start but I do have very solid
programming experience in asp/vb/.net

Please list down what do i have to do and i know i need simulator but where
i can get the simulator for handspring Treo.

Thank you

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Hi all,

I am keen to buy a Treo 600 and have done quite a bit of research but to
date I have failed to find the answers to these questions:

1) Does the Treo 600 offer any form of Graffiti input or not?All the sites
that I have visited does not specifically refer to Graffiti input.
2) Does the Treo 600 have a voice memo function? If so, can these memos be
transferred to the desktop?
3) Is Bluetooth in any form available for the Treo 600?If yes, what
additional hardware is needed?Specifically, I am looking at using a
Bluetooth headset with the phone.

Thank you for any responses.


Lawrence Kritzinger

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