OT.: Connect from device 2003 to SQLServer

OT.: Connect from device 2003 to SQLServer

Post by Matthias P » Mon, 28 Mar 2005 04:24:53

Hi NG,

I have a PocketPC 2003 (HP iPAQ) and a wireless LAN. On a PC
there is a MSDE. My Application on PocketPC connects to the SQL-Server, but
the message I receive is that the SQLServer can't be found. I also connected
from a Laptop and this works fine. The routine to connect is the same:

_con = new SqlConnection( ConfigReader.Instance.DBConnString );


// The connection string is

string sCon = "Data Source=" + _sHost + ";Database=" + _sDBName + ";User

_sHost = "\DBINST"

_sDBName = "MyDBName"

Do I need some other secutity issues when connecting from PocketPC? As I
said, connectin from Laptop works with the data above!

Thanx in advance