Adaptec ARO-1130U2 and Chaintech 6BDU

Adaptec ARO-1130U2 and Chaintech 6BDU

Post by Bob » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 19:56:49

Hello, I recently picked up an unsed Adaptec ARO-1130U2 for use in one
of my boxes which has a Chaintech 6BDU motherboard [1], with updated
BIOS from [2]. I was trying to get it running last night but kept
on running into problems.


I followed the instructions and ran the Array1000 BIOS & Driver
Selection Utility and this worked fine and told me to use driver disk
A. Upon a reboot to then run the ArrayConfigU2 utility it reported no
RAID devices found.

So I rebooted again and this time it found the ARO-1130 but hung after
displaying that i had passed the AIC-789x/Sequencer Diagnostics [3]
After a while I got board and rebooted. Each time I did this it just
hung at this point.


So I tried to use the SCSISelect utility by hitting F6 and when I tried
to view the SCSI devices it just hung while scanning SCSI ID: 0 [4].


I wasa getting a bit frustrated at this point, so I took the card out
and ran the box on a known configuration with a 9.1Gb Ultra2 drive
running Debian Woody, it all booted perfectly. I also tried the
SCSISelect utility that is attached to the on board AIC 7890 SCSI
controller and it worked fine.

So I'm now at a bit of a loss of what to try and after a quick search
on google the only previous posting I could find with this comnbination
was in 1999 [5].


Does anyone have any experience of either this RAID controller,
motherboard or both...?


bob [at] bobarnott [dot] com
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Adaptec ARO-1130U2 and Chaintech 6BDU

Post by Larg » Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:51:06

It looks like hardware/bios problem. You should get through all the
boot up and detecting the harddrives before applying any adaptec
drivers. SCSI select is just CTRL-A but for the ARO-1130U2. It will
help you configure the harddrives--and all SCSI doctrine/methods
apply. That's the first step--the easy part. Win2K OS is supported,
LINUX is not.

Check the latest motherboard bios.

Is the motherboard RAIDPort II or III make shure. ARO-1130U2 is
RAIDPort III. There's is still support for this adaptor on Adaptec's
site. Get the new drivers--some disks are bootable and read the
documentation for both ARO and motherboard. Do what it says.

Good luck,


Adaptec ARO-1130U2 and Chaintech 6BDU

Post by calyps » Mon, 14 Feb 2005 00:47:46

Bob < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > kenjka:

Which devices you've got connected to SCSI ports? Can you set jumpers on
one of your drives to be ID0?

This is Adaptec's official support webpage for ARO 1130U2... +US&prodkey=ARO-1130U2

Check knowledge base!

Some hints:

Can the Adaptec RAID cards support devices other than hard disk
This information applies to the following product(s):

- AAA-131, AAA-133, AAA-131CA, AAA-131SA, AAA-133SA, AAA-131U2, AAA-133U2
- ARO-1130SA, ARO-1130U2

Yes. AAA-130U2 series and ARO-1130U2 does support non-disk devices
(cdrom, tape, zip, jaz, CD-R, CD-RW, and scanners), but can not be added to
an array.

The AAA-130 series, AAA-130SA series, AAA-131CA, ARO-1130CA and ARO-1130SA
RAID controllers supports non-disk devices (CD-ROM, tape, etc), but not
scanners and optical devices. These non-disk devices can not be added to an

I used to have AAA-133U2 Adaptec's Ultra2 RAID controller... It is
recognized as Array1000 RAID controller... And uses the same configuration
software as your ARO-1130U2... So far I know, Win2000 drivers for this
controller work under WinXP... :)

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