Adaptec AIC-7899 onboard - Slow Transfer

Adaptec AIC-7899 onboard - Slow Transfer

Post by rmarian » Sat, 02 Oct 2004 09:17:01

I am using an Intel SLT2 server mainboard with an onboard dual
AIC-7899 scsi controler. Attached to the end of the scsi controler is
a Quantum SDLT 320 Drive. The problem that i am having is the nigtly
backup will run for 15-16hrs backing up 156GB to tape and Backup Exec
reports that the average tansfer rate is between 130-150mb per minute.
Is this as good as the transfer is going to get with this controller?

The data is being backed up from a Promise 3 disk RAID 5 drive
(external) attached to PCI scsi controler card - either a 2000S Ultra3
Single channel or Adaptec SCSI 29320A card.

Anyone have any suggestions for imrpoving the speed with the onboard
SCSI controller or time to buy another SCSI card?


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I've Intel STL2 motherboard with Adaptec AIC-7899 SCSI controller
integrated. It works for long time without a problem with two SCSI disks:
QUANTUM ATLAS_V_18_WLS 0230 (boot device, SCSI device 0) and
SEAGATE ST336607LW 0007 (SCSI device 1).
The controller is SCSI device 7.

All devices are at the same SCSI cable that has a terminator at the tail
and 5 slots to attach devices. The controller is connected
to the slot that is most distant from terminator. The SCSI device 0
is connected to the slot that is the nearest to terminator
and SCSI device 1 to the slot that is the next.

Now I've got a pair of identical SEAGATE ST373207LW 0003, configured
them as SCSI device 2 and 3. If I attach either one to the slot nearest
to the controller then SCSI BIOS attaches a disk at 40Mbyte/s
and there are lots of read/write errors with it. If I attach disk
to the second slot from the controller, SCSI BIOS attaches disk
at 160Mbyte/s and it works just fine. It does not matter what disk
I use from the pair.

The problem is that I need to attach both disks but one of them
doesn't work (see above) - the one connected to the slot nearest
to the controller.

I've changed SCSI cable - no changes. I've updated motherboard's BIOS
using latest version available from the Intel support site, it did not help.

Pleas help. It it known problem?

Eugene Grosbein

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