UltraSCSI vs. Ultra Wide SCSI

UltraSCSI vs. Ultra Wide SCSI

Post by porngoogl » Sat, 03 Jul 2004 00:52:03

I've tried reading this newsgroup, but I'm still having a hard time
figuring this out: is UltraSCSI, that has a bus speed of 40 MBytes per
second, the same thing as Ultra Wide SCSI?

I have a Sun 420r and the manual for it says that the external SCSI
port is UltraSCSI and has 68 pins.

From doing a google search, it seems that the "wide" was added because
the narrow UltrSCSI bus supported 8 bits and 20 MBytes/sec, is this


UltraSCSI vs. Ultra Wide SCSI

Post by Ron Reaug » Sat, 03 Jul 2004 04:28:35

Yes, ultra uses an 8 data wires/signals and 50 pin connectors and cables.
Ultrawide uses a 16 data wires/signals and 68 pin connectors and cables.
Both clock at 20 MHz.

So they go it a little wrong as the external is UltraWide since it's 68pins.


UltraSCSI vs. Ultra Wide SCSI

Post by Folkert Ri » Sat, 03 Jul 2004 07:35:16


UltraSCSI or by it's original name Fast-20 (i.e. 20MHz) comes in both narrow and wide.

So it is UltraSCSI and it is wide at 68 pins. Nothing wrong with it.