actionscrip help please

actionscrip help please

Post by poppyhea » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 21:42:14

Dear all,

I hope one of you might be interested by my proposition of collaborations.

I am a student in digital arts,focusing on 2d,3d and mixed
media(aftereffects,photoshop,3dmax,flas,director,bryce,poser etc.)

One of my modules is to make a website and an application so I am ok, but
suffering from numeric dyslexia, I have a hellish time to understand the
programming side of things!

So I came up with few ideas which hopefully might appeals to some of you.

1, would someone be prepared to do few,one to one teaching on action scrip
with me, and I could return his kindness by either: show him, some of the
programs I used in graphics and moving images, or

Being train as a hairdresser and having works for Toni and Guy for 8 years
as a style director, I am more then happy to trade my skills with some of

I am not asking to be taught the all things, I have some foundations and

understanding as I learn Lingo b4 that (with the same pain, but a little

No, I am just asking few session with the right person to show me on a one
to one basic.

I don`t find tutorials on line helpful due to my dixlexia.

I live in London.UK.

Than you for taking the time to reads my post.

If you would like to help, or have another

Suggestions, I am open to it.

Please email me at (REMOVETHIS).