my dream and your decision

my dream and your decision

Post by maria » Sun, 13 Mar 2011 20:07:56

Hello! Convincing a Volvo driver (in my case, a girl) for having a
test-drive I was accepted into the present Volvo campaign (Romania).
Winner will be the one with highest unique views for his link. My link
is this: *** .ro/camera/video/concurent/Marian-Briceag
(for English turn on the captions, the cc, under arrow from the right-
bottom side of video). This battle for views ends in 16 march 2011. I
feel in my heart that Volvo has designed this car for me. From Volvo
emblem to every stitch, I found myself. Sir/ madame, my dream is in
your hands. If you just post/share it... Have a nice day!

1. Dreams or make dreams become a reality ( Dream GUI toolkit)

2. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Dear listmembers,

I am about to choose a typesetting system for the publication projects I am
involved in. These are books up to 500-750 pages, with alot of figures, CMYK
or lineart images, cross references, several series of margin notes and
footnotes, drop caps, lists of figures, indices, tables of contents etc.

I know myself well enough to realize that will only be able to learn the
commands and syntax of one system. The two that looks promising to my
applications are *** and ConTeXt, although many of the packages I would
use in *** (e.g. lettrine, fancyhdr, varioref, ledmac etc.) don't seem to
have equivalent commands or macros in ConTeXt (and I don't know how much
work would be involved in creating such macros). On the other hand, ConTeXt
seems to be more parameter-driven when it comes to page size, layout,
formatting etc. This may be important, since I will never be able to use the
existing *** layouts as they are "out of the box".

I would appreciate all and any comments on these issues. A similar message
was posted to the ConTeXt list.

Best regards,
Mats Broberg

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