SSPI and impersonation

SSPI and impersonation

Post by Kasparo » Mon, 13 Oct 2008 05:18:56

I have an application which uses SSPI for authentication. I could
authenticate users successfully and impersonate the users. (original
user A, impersonated user B)

Now when I do CreateThread after impersonating the user, the newly
created thread runs as the original user (as user A). I want the newly
created thread to run as the impersonated user (user B). I am not very
sure how should I populate the LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES in my case (I
guess thats the cause of this issue.)

Please see my code snippet below:

rc = (pf->ImpersonateSecurityContext)( &srvCtx );
threadRet = CreateThread( NULL,0, (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)
Ganesh_Client_Impl, NULL, 0, NULL);

Second query I have is:
Is it possible for me to use the SSPI security context I have at the
server side to authenticate to another server. An SSPI client has
connected to server A and authenticated successfully. Now A has the
security context of the client. I want to use the SSPI context I have
on server A to authenticate again to server B. (A becomes SSPI client
and B becomes server, A uses the context it has to authenticate.)

Thanks in advance.

Ganesh Tambat

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Some time ago I wrote some code to allow a user to type an admin
password to allow my program to update HKLM. I used the sspi code
from MSDN. In the initializesecuritycontext I ask for
ISC_REQ_Delegation - the highest impersonation level. All the code
works and the process token is set to impersontate the admin account
with full rights to the key in HKLM I want to change.

Since installing XP SP2, the impersonation code works but when I go to
open the registery key I get error 1346 from regopenkeyex - bad
impersonation level. I dont get it - I asked for and got Delegation!
What has changed in XP SP2?

Jim Kane
ProDoc, Inc.

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