NT logging to Event Viewer

NT logging to Event Viewer

Post by Josh Hyle » Wed, 25 Jan 2006 01:33:59

I am trying to figure out how to make my logs go into a text file
instead of having 1 line per event in Event viewer which takes up a
*** load of space and is really hard to read. Any help would be much


NT logging to Event Viewer

Post by Josh Hyle » Wed, 25 Jan 2006 02:46:10

Havent figured out how to stop the event viewer logs, but adding this
to the conf file makes it log to a file..

# Setup query logging
logging {
channel query_logging {
# Enable query logging by uncommenting the below
# Make sure to change the path to a valid directory
# version: number of backups created if size exceeded
# size : maximum size of log file
file "C:\dns\query.log" versions 3 size 100M;

# Time stamp entries
print-time yes;
channel activity_log {
severity info;
print-time yes;
print-category yes;
print-severity yes;
file "C:\dns\activity.log" versions 3 size 100M;
category queries { query_logging; };
category default { activity_log; };
category xfer-in { activity_log; };
category xfer-out { activity_log; };
category notify { activity_log; };
category security { activity_log; };

category update { activity_log; };
category lame-servers { null; };


NT logging to Event Viewer

Post by Danny Maye » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 03:17:07

See Chapter 6 ARM. "The null destination clause causes all messages sent
to the channel to be discarded; in that case, other options for the
channel are meaningless."


logging {
category default { null;};
category unmatched { null;};

will drop the messages. I don't remember if ALL messages will be dropped
with this setting but I think that's all you need to worry about.