Logging Problems

Logging Problems

Post by bdysl » Thu, 16 Mar 2006 01:25:37

A customer of mine is having the following issues configuring logging on his server.

Can anyone help me figure out what the issue is? Hopefully there is enough info here.

I implemented the changes to named.conf as instructed. howver, I see the following error in the "messages" file:

Mar 13 22:44:54 sundns named[171]: [ID 866145 daemon.error] /etc/named.conf:33:
unknown logging category 'statistics' ignored

the files query.log and stats.log have been created, so far of size 0.

rndc Version: 9.2.2rc1


Logging Problems

Post by Mike Party » Thu, 16 Mar 2006 04:08:51

I don't have my BIND book handy but i beleive the statistics category was
valid with BIND 8 but no longer with BIND 9 since you dumps stats using
"rndc stats" command. I dump my stats out with rndc using a cron job that
redirects into a file such as /var/log/stats.log.
And query logging has to be toggled on using command "rndc querylog".