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Post by Seth Rot » Wed, 11 Aug 2004 04:20:29

I agree ~

Seth Roth

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He, like others on this list, tire rapidly of content-free postings
that don't show any evidence of self help or even having checked the
newsgroup archives to get a sense how questions like this get answered.

It might take a rocket scientist to get BIND going, but it doesn't take
one to pose a question properly, and to do otherwise is disrespectful
of the very people whose help is being sought.


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I have a newsletter subscribe page. A user enters email address and clicks
Subscribe button. That email address is added to database. Say this is a
career newsletter. Is it possible to create an intelligent system that will
work such a way that every time a new job is added on the website, a
newsletter is sent to all the email address that are currently in the
database. I guess this is possible if one has a CMS (Content Management
System) but I would like to know if you think building such a system using
asp.net would be easy and quick.

Secondly, I would like to have a link in the emailed newsletter *** here
to Unsubscribe When this link is clicked an email with nsubscribewill
be sent. Now I would like to build a system that when such an email with
nsubscribein the email comes in, that email address will be removed from
the db automatically.

I would like to know if this is possible to implement such an intelligent
system in asp.net easily. Is it time consuming? Do you think a CMS will be
a better solution? If so do you know of any CMS.

Thanks for you time


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