BIND 9.7.0-P2 is now available.

BIND 9.7.0-P2 is now available.

Post by Mark Andre » Fri, 21 May 2010 12:50:49

BIND 9.7.0-P2 is now available.

BIND 9.7.0-P2 is a recommended patch for BIND 9.7.0. It addresses
a bug introduced in BIND 9.7.0-P1 and is recommend for anyone running
BIND 9.7.0-P1.

Bugs should be reported to XXXX@XXXXX.COM .

BIND 9.7.0-P2 can be downloaded from:

PGP signatures of the distribution are at:

The signatures were generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

A binary kit for Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 is at:

PGP signatures of the binary kit are at:

Changes since 9.7.0:

--- 9.7.0-P2 released ---

2876. [bug] Named could return SERVFAIL for negative responses
from unsigned zones. [RT #21131]

--- 9.7.0-P1 released ---

2852. [bug] Handle broken DNSSEC trust chains better. [RT #15619]

--- 9.7.0 released ---
Mark Andrews, ISC
1 Seymour St., Dundas Valley, NSW 2117, Australia