Cascading DropDown Tooltip/Title

Cascading DropDown Tooltip/Title

Post by dean » Thu, 31 Jan 2008 02:57:46

Is it possible to have tooltips show up in a cascading
dropdown list, similar to how it works in a regular
dropdown list? Is so, how?
Thanks, Dean

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I have a Data sheet where the data is available as shown below.

Code Name Country code City Id City Name
AX Aland Islands AS 2974 Aaheim
AL Albania DZ 273 Aaiun
DZ Algeria AS 6289 Aalborg
AS American Samoa AD 1955 Aalborg Gronlandshavn
AD Andorra AD 1954 Aalborg Osthavn

I would like to create two drop down controls - the first one will list all
the countries from a range named "Country". The user will select a country
from this drop down and based on the country code the second dropdown should
list all the cities from a range named "City".

Basically, I would like the two dropdowns behave like a master/details
controls with the help of the CountryCode.

Appreciate your help.

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