User Control alignment problem in NS and Firefox

User Control alignment problem in NS and Firefox

Post by Amar » Wed, 08 Dec 2004 02:02:33


In my application, I am using 2 web user controls on each page
as a standard. The application is working fine in IE.

But the html of the application in FireFox or NS does not work
properly. I checked the HTML for any errors like missing <td> or <tr>
tag and tried to see how the page gets aligned in any html editors such
as a Namo editor. The html seems to be fine.

But it appears like no matter what height I assign in a <tr> tag, these
browsers does not care.

One user control is a header than spans about 15% height at the top of
the browser and the other user control is a subheader which also spans
about 15% height below the header. They are in a separate row of the
table with width as 100%. The contents in the controls are not a lot.
But these 2 controls gets mixed up and one overlays the other in
Firefox and NS.

Has anybody experienced something like this or any idea why this cound