templated databound control problem - not showing databound

templated databound control problem - not showing databound

Post by Manu » Tue, 23 May 2006 18:46:38

I have a templated databound control that works fine in run time.
However, in design mode, I'm having a cosmetic problem.

In my control designer I overrided the TemplateGroups property to allow
editing the templates graphically. I also set the SupportsDataBinding =
true in all the templates so when I click on a control inside a
template, the "Edit Databindings..." option appears in the smart tag.

All my templates are instantiated passing a custom container control
that inherits from WebControl and implements INamingContainer.

The problem I'm facing is that when I bound control to any property of
my container, the control it's not showing the DataBound text.

For example, my container has a property called CurrentItem so if I add
a label to my ItemTemplate and I edit its databindings to bind the Text
property to Container.CurrentItem in design mode my label doesn't show
any text, but it works in run time. Does anybody know why DataBound
isn't showing in my label at design time?

Thank you.

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Best regards

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