Treeview control error when using autopostback

Treeview control error when using autopostback

Post by U3R1Y2 » Fri, 02 Apr 2004 20:16:12

I have created a new c# class which inherits the Microsoft treeview control. I have set autopostback = true in the constructor of my new class. I have created a new web page and created an instance of my new class and populated it from an XML file using code. I then add my control to the page so that it is displayed. All this works fine, but when a user clicks on a node that has child nodes I get the following error: Object expected. Then when I press break I get a there is no source code for the following location. Can any one suggest why I might be getting this error

All I want to do is beable to access the OnSelectedIndexChange event in my new inherited TreeView class

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I have a TreeView population routine that is rather lengthy and have decided
to use a BackgroundWorker to run it in a background thread. Since I am
unable to access my TreeView control directly in the BackgroundWorker, I
create a new instance of a TreeView class in the background thread, populate
it, and then return it to my main thread through the e.Result
DoWorkEventArgs. All of this works fine.

My question is how do I assign this populated TreeView class instance to the
TreeView Control on my form? When I set my TreeView control to the populated
TreeView class instance nothing is displayed in the control. I have verified
that the nodes in the TreeView contain data. Any suggestion that anyone
might have would be appreciated.

Loren Baker

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