Problem adding dynamic LinkButton[] Array with event to a page

Problem adding dynamic LinkButton[] Array with event to a page

Post by marti » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 18:52:08


i got a problem with adding a LinkButton array with one event for all
to a webpage. I read some posts about that here but some are not
answered and some have no solution for me.

I added a LinkButton Array at the top of the page as member variable:

private LinkButton[] LinkButtonEdit;

So that the events will be registered on every page load i created
a method private void InitializeLinkButtonEditEvents() wich is called
in the
standard Page_Load Method.

It contains the following code:
dbimages --> Create dbimages DataTable from some database rows.

LinkButtonEdit = new LinkButton[dbimages.Rows.Count]; int rowcount =
foreach (DataRow row in dbimages.Rows )
LinkButtonEdit[rowcount] = new LinkButton();
LinkButtonEdit[rowcount].Text = "Edit";
LinkButtonEdit[rowcount].ID = "LinkButtonEdit_" +
LinkButtonEdit[rowcount].Click += new


I add a table with the entries of the above datatable to the page
wich is showing some of the data and add the link button to each line

cellopt.Controls.Add( LinkButtonEdit[rowcount] );

I added some Event Method

private void LinkButtonEdit_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

with some debug output to a Label

The problem is: the event is not be fired - the page reloads but
i can't see my message. The link commands in the page-source looks
What went wrong? Any suggestions? I have a working page like that
where the only difference is that i only got a char for the

Thanks for some comment about that and best regards.

Martin Strojek

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