Databinding using the TreeView control using Win logons

Databinding using the TreeView control using Win logons

Post by bWFya2Vib3 » Thu, 17 Feb 2005 12:45:02


How can I databind to this treeview control using Windows Authenticated
Logons. I have previously read that this must be done with anonymous user,
but this does not suit.

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2. How do I Concatinate two fields using databinding in Win Forms?

I have a data adapter that I created in a Win forms application. I used
the "data adapter configuration wizard" to create the stored procedures in
the database (SQL server 7). I can bind the data to a combo box and it
works fine when I'm displaying only one field.

What I need to do is display two fields concatinated together, e.g. ID + '
' + Title.

Can this be acheived without having to requery the data?

I did try to put an extra field on the end of the query which was the two
fields joined together, but the wizard kept failing to create the update
and delete stored procedures. Presumably because of the extra field.


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