Very strange samba problem

Very strange samba problem

Post by patz » Wed, 08 Oct 2003 18:13:35

Hi everyone,

I have stumbled across a perplexing problem with the Samba client
2.2.7a/9.2 on Linux Mandrake 9.0.

I have set up a number of shared directories that reside on a windows
2000 server platform. In these directories are loads of
sub-directories containing thousands of files. All but one of these
directories are fine, however the dodgy directory does not return a
list of files on the ls or dir command. You can navigate the
sub-directories without any issues and you can copy files and
everything ok as well... you just can't list the directory contents.
You can view the files on the Windows host without any problem at all.

All the files in the folder are in lower-case, so it is not a case
mangling issue, and none of the files are corrupt.

From experimenting with adding, re-naming and moving files I have
found the following...

1. There are 90 odd files of the same type beginning with the same
sequence of 7 lower-case letters. For security purposes I cant tell
you what the sequence is but for example's sake we can use 'include'.
If you add a text file called 'include.txt' everything works fine. If
you remove it again it does not work any more.
2. If you remove one or two of these files - doesnt seem to matter
which files as long as they begin with 'include' - everything works
3. I created an exact copy of the directory and experienced the same
issues, except adding a text file did not produce any results, though
deleting and renaming files beginning with 'include' did.

As you can see this is a very strange problem and its looks like some
sort of bug with samba. Does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks,


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