LPQ command in dynamic tso environments

LPQ command in dynamic tso environments

Post by cutepinky1 » Sun, 07 Dec 2008 01:34:38

Hi All,

My requirement is to write a display the output of LPQ command in a
web page. I wrote REXX cgi.
In omvs command line when I issue the foloowing command
tso 'lpq (host printer pr1234'
I get the correct output
Printer ::
Owner Status Jobname Job-Id Size Pages


But when I issue the same command in rexx cgi using

address SH "tso 'lpq (host printer pr1234'"

It says
IKJ56652I You attempted to run an authorized command or program. This
is not supported under the Dynamic TSO Environment.

Can somebody help me any other ways to do the same? Any input will be
highly appreciated.


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