Multiple web service calls from web service

Multiple web service calls from web service

Post by oljeg.popo » Fri, 06 Jan 2006 21:48:32


I have following scenario.
My web service is receiving package of messages (from 1 to 100) which I
have to distribute to other back-end web services, aggregate responses
and return them to client as one response.
I have read articles on MSDN At Your Service column but I still have
some doubts:
1. How to implement simultaneous calls to web service and return
aggregated responses?
2. Shall I use my own thread pool?
3. Is this architectural solution acceptable or shall I use total async
approach (MSMQ, Windows services, ..). In pick, I'm expecting about 100
packages (about 1000 messages) per second.


Multiple web service calls from web service

Post by Um9kcmlnby » Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:53:02


If you have a high load (1000 calls per second) maybe web services will
introduce much overhead inthe system and you should go with a more low-level
Anyway, the external calls should be made in parallel, I would recommend
implementing your own ThreadPool as it would give you a lot more flexibility.
You will have a great thread overhead and should plan carefully your
multithreaded approach.
If you finally plan on using the basic ThreadPool, have in mind that IIS has
a default limit on the maximum number of concurrent threads that will limit
your performance (see machine.config).

Just my 2p