Calling a web service from a web service

Calling a web service from a web service

Post by jclark_0 » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 11:12:41

Hi there, I am working on an application that will expose a Web
Service using VS.NET. Internally, the web service will make calls to
another web service, will apply certain business rules to the
responses and modify the returned XML accordingly.

My question is surrounding the definition of my web service. I
already have the remote web service in place that accepts a certain
format of XML document, and returns back a certain format of XML
document. I would like to have my input and output be of the same
format (with the exception of the changes I will make as a result of
the business rules). With all that in mind, it seems silly to have to
write my own definition of input and output parameters for my web
service, since it already exists in the remote web service. Is there
any way that I can declare my input and output parameters just to be
an XML document, so the declaration of my own web service will
basically say "don't worry about the format - it's XML, and it's
defined elsewhere".

Otherwise I have to explicitly define the structure of the parameters,
so that the XML that comes back from the remote server has to be
passed through my individual parameters, only for it to be serialized
back to XML as I return the data - just seems unnecessary.

Any suggestions?

Calling a web service from a web service

Post by Tom Vande » Fri, 22 Aug 2003 03:51:04

Can you say 'Dataset'?
Deserialize your XML to a DATASET and pass them around.
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