pool.ntp.org project homepage translation into Spanish

pool.ntp.org project homepage translation into Spanish

Post by Xisco Lla » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 06:52:49


This is only to announce that an unofficial translation into Spanish of
the pool.ntp.org project homepage can be reached at

(it is unofficial because I have no response from Adrian to the messages
I've sent to him - Adrian, are you there?)

I hope it will be usefull to somebody.


pool.ntp.org project homepage translation into Spanish

Post by Adrian 'Da » Sun, 02 Nov 2003 22:49:15

[posted and mailed]
Clinging to sanity, Xisco Llad mumbled in his beard:

Oh, great! I'll link to it when I make the next upgrade of the website
(soon, maybe Tuesday). I see you're familiar with cvs, so I guess I can
work with you the same as with Mark and just send you a .diff when I update
the web page.

Yes, I'm here.

To my knowledge I didn't miss mail - so you should have received bounces.
You probably got caught in my spam defences (I do block quite aggressively,
especially mail from ISPs where I don't usually receive mail but do usually
receive spam.)

If you'd care to contact me at special -at- fortytwo.ch (which is excempt
from the blocking for now) and tell me when you sent me mail, I will
investigate what happened. I definitely want to know when I lose mail.

-- vbi

(Hmmm. I guess it's really time now to do a german translation - after all,
I should be better writing german than english).

Perl has a long tradition of working around compilers.
-- Larry Wall in < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >