[ntp:questions] How often should server hop happen?

[ntp:questions] How often should server hop happen?

Post by Brad Knowl » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 02:08:14

No, there won't be a jump. You will get a shift, as ntpd slowly
adjusts the clock from the previous syspeer to the new one, but
that's part of the design of the NTP protocol and the ntpd program.

That said, an excessive amount of clock hopping is bad, and will
keep your jitter and stability from getting as low as they should be.

Situations change over time. Network configurations change.
Servers that used to be good, and the best you could see, may now be
worse than others you've been monitoring.

This is the normal course of events. What is undesirable is when
these sorts of things happen too often.

It all depends on where those clocks are and who runs them, and
what's between those two end-points.

If they're something like tick.usno.navy.mil and
tock.usno.navy.mil, then the odds are that all the network issues
between the two end-points are the same, at which point very minor
operational differences between the two upstream servers might make
all the difference when looked at using the exceptionally sensitive
statistical algorithms found in NTPv4 and ntpd.

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