[ntp:questions] Cross-Compile for ARM - NTP 4.1.1 OK, NTP 4.2.0a Errors

[ntp:questions] Cross-Compile for ARM - NTP 4.1.1 OK, NTP 4.2.0a Errors

Post by Alex Madar » Sun, 19 Sep 2004 05:35:42

n Friday, September 17, 2004, 11:49:25 AM, FJPSE wrote:

Thanks for the detailed info - I'll give it a try ASAP!


> =====================================> >> > This file is created by ./configure and is executed as the last step by> > ./configute> >> > a) find @CPPFLAGS@ in the file and delete "-I/usr/include" from the line> > where @CPPFLAGS@ is defined> > b) find @LDFLAGS@ in the file and delete "-L/usr/lib" from the line where> > @LDFLAGS@ is defined> >> > NOTE: If you use openssl, there is other two line as this for openssl> >> > 3 Execute ./config.statu>
> ==================================>
> ./config.statu>
> 4 Modify Makefile fil>s
> =================================>= >>
> a) find the string "AR = ar" in the Makefile files recursively and chan>e
> "ar" with you utility for cross-compi>e
> (in my case "AR = ppc_8xx-ar>) >>
> b) open the file ./ntpdc/Makefile and do the ne>t
> b1) find "cmp" (case sensitive, word only) y put "echo " befo>e -> echo c>p
> ...>.
> b2) find "./ntpdc-layout" (case sensitive) y put "echo " befo>e -> ec>o
> ./ntpdc-layout ..>. >>
> ./ntpdc-layout is an utility created when you execute "make" that che>k
> something (i don't know what), b>t
> it is not necessary. As you are cross-compiling, executing ./ntpdc-layout >n
> the host don't wor>. >> >>
> 5 Build and inst>ll
> ====================>==> >
> m>ke
> make inst>ll> >
> I hope this help y>u.> >> >> >
> "Alex Madar<sz" escribien el men>aje
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM >>..>>>>
>> I'm cross-compiling NTP on a Red Hat 7.3 Linux box, targeted at an A>com
> ARM-based embedded board, with the Acrom Embedded Linux (AEL) 3.7 (ke>nel
> 2.4.26) host environment instal>>d.>>>>
>> With NTP 4.1.1 (original included in Arcom's AEL package, no known d>ffs
> from core NTP dist), all it takes is './configure --host=arm-linux'>and
> 'make' to get a clean comp>>e.>>>>
>> With ntp-stable-4.2.0a-20040617 and ntp-dev-4.2.0a-20040914,>the
> './configure --host=arm-linux' and 'make' routine gets me a nearly immed>ate
> screen full of errors>>..>>>>
>> ... in directory li>>tp
>> ... systime.c and/or a_md5encry>>.c
>> ... /usr/include/bitsmathinline.h In function 'atan2' ... er>or:
> unknown register name st(1) in '>>m'
>> ... (ditto the line just above for nearly every match function know> to
> ma>>;)>>>>
>> Maybe I'm just not familiar enough with the options I need to fee> to
> configure to get it to set up all the include paths correctly f>r a
> cross-compile environm>>t?>>>>
>> Also, on a related topic, any suggestions for the best set of confi>ure
> options / etc. to built and configure NTP for operation in a stand-a>one
> environm>>t?>>>>
>> We have a number of embedded processor boards that will be operatin> in
> the same box with a Trimble ThunderBolt GPS-disciplined clock board,>and
> these systems will not be connected to any other servers or clients.> We
> want NTP to keep the Linux clock disciplined to the GPS time from>the
> ThunderBolt, so we can use Linux/ACE timers for software scheduling, an> so
> that we can fall back to the OS clock as a last resort if we lose the

[ntp:questions] Cross-Compile for ARM - NTP 4.1.1 OK, NTP 4.2.0a Errors

Post by Alex Madar » Sun, 19 Sep 2004 05:43:57

As far as I can tell, the ARM toolchain is OK. I re-built 4.1.1 from a clean
distribution using:

./configure --host=arm-linux

and both completed without errors. I checked the ntpd with 'file' and it said
it was an ARM executable. Moved ntpd and ntpq to the target board, configured
with the NMEA ref clock driver and ntpd and ntpq ran fine. Unfortunately, the
NMEA ref clock driver I've been using as my 'reference' for testing (until I
have the new ThunderBolt driver finished) appears to be broken on 4.1.1 - it
appears to be getting valid $GPRMC sentences but throws a bad time event after
each one. This is one of the reasons I want to be running 4.2.0a+ instead, as
there have been a number of fixes to the NMEA ref clock driver since 4.1.1.



[ntp:questions] Cross-Compile for ARM - NTP 4.1.1 OK, NTP 4.2.0a Errors

Post by sten » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 08:03:33

I'm back from vacation now. How can I help figure this out? Are you
using the latest tarballs? If not, what versions of the auto* tools
are you using?