Motorola M12+ End of Life (summary)

Motorola M12+ End of Life (summary)

Post by Richard B. » Wed, 23 Feb 2005 10:28:04

I just learned, in a message from Synergy Systems LLC, that the Motorola
M12+ family of GPS receivers will reach end of life by the end of
2005. The M12+ family will be replaced by the M12M family which will
offer a TCXO for greater local oscillator stability and allow a greater
range of input signal levels. It will be plug compatible with the M12
series. Both navigation and timing models will be available.

If you need the M12+ series parts in quantity for some reason, you will
need to order before July 10. The M12M series will launch in December

If you need the exact text of the original announcement, give Synergy a
call or check with Motorola.

If somebody wants to put it on a web page, I have the text in PDF format.