This is tougher than you think (was This is tougher than I thought?)

This is tougher than you think (was This is tougher than I thought?)

Post by Tim Kec » Sun, 22 Jan 2006 22:25:12

I Don't Do Windows (tm) but, if I understand you are writing a user
control and display interface to the system clock. Install the existing
NTP client as part of your install process, and let it handle ntp
correctly, which is much more complictaed that just getting the time
from some server. Then you can worry about the user interface part.
my $0.015 (after taxes),
Tim Keck

1. AM/AM, AM/AM Modeling

2. Matlab seems to think I am hitting my mouse button/keys constantly when I am not.

When I type in >>ginput and then just wait for a few seconds without touching my mouse, then hit enter, Matlab should return a null array, but instead it returns something like:

ans =

1.3191 -0.3173
1.3191 -0.3173
1.3191 -0.3173
1.3191 -0.3173

It seems to add a new input on its own about twice a second or so?

waitforbuttonpress similarly ends prematurely, and always returns 1 (which is a keypress, not a mouse press...)

I have no idea what is going on. Any thoughts? I have the R2009a student version. Thanks!

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