Allan variance for a disciplined clock

Allan variance for a disciplined clock

Post by Mauro.Fiac » Fri, 02 Jun 2006 18:55:01

Hello to All,

I understand (e.g. from Mills papers) that the Allan variance can be used to
characterise timing sources and clock drifts.

I was wondering about the significance of calculating the Allan variance
for a clock disciplined by NTP, while being affected by network jitter
(assuming high quality timing source).

Can the Allan variance be used to provide a quality measure of NTP in a
particular network? or lower order statistics, such as mean of the
frequency/offset errors are more apt to quantify NTP.

My aim is to provide a quantitative measure of NTP ability at
disciplining a particular oscillator, under different network jitter.
Such that a minimum network quality can be recommended in order to
achieve given accuracy (or in my case frequency stability).

Anybody has done any work in this direction?



Mauro Fiacco

ip.access Ltd

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