Post by andy » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 20:40:37

We seem to have some recurring problems distilling jobs from Pagemaker
6.5. One which repeatedly rears its head is keylines appearing around some
boxes on some pages. The keyline in PM iks set to "none" both in the menu
and the colour palette yet the resulting PDFs put a keyline on - sometimes
black, sometimes coloured - but only on some boxes, not all, even where
one object has been cut and pasted onto multimple documents.

FYI, I can see no difference in the trapping prefs between documents.

Using Distiller 4.x (Mac)

Andy D.


Post by WharfRa » Mon, 02 Feb 2004 00:36:51

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Andrew D at XXXX@XXXXX.COM wrote on 1/31/04 3:40 AM:

I might try another PPD - to write the Postscript
Are you using the Lazerwriter 8500?




Post by Jay Chevak » Mon, 02 Feb 2004 02:34:02

Avoid using image frames in pagemaker, they are inconsistently
unreliable. Separate out the image from the frame, convert the frame to
a pagemaker object, then use the mask feature.


Post by andy » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 23:56:08

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As far as I know, we're using an AGFA PPD (presumably supplied by the
printer before I started). But regardless, the PDFs look perfect in both
cases - hey just printed different.

Anyway, another paper has been sent to print since asking the question so
I'll see if it happens again.

Andy D.


Post by andy » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 23:09:06

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As a matter of interest, this week's colours printed as expected - with no
workflow change on my part so it seems there is either some underlying
problem in the pdfs that cause them to preview okay and print wrong or a
glitch at the output end.

(We did have one faded greyscale pic on a different page print at 100%
intensity which made the black type over it unreadable - but I've yet to
determine how the ad was made and how the greyscale pic was saved).

Andy D.


Post by Brad » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 06:29:28

> yet the resulting PDFs put a keyline on - sometimes

Are you using layers? Try move the offending item to a different layer.
I've had this problem before as well and that usually solved it.

This is a common problem in commercial prepress workflows, so there's likely
relevance to your situation (Depending on how you "faded" the picture, of

If you took a greyscale TIF and coloured it a tint of a Colour (Black or
otherwise), unless you're printing directly from PM, chances are it will
convert back to 100% of that colour. If you create an EPS (or PDF) for a
composite prepress workflow, OPI comments must be used for the tints to
work. (i.e. Omit images must be selected). yes, a PDF will LOOK right, but
it will not print right.

The short of it is is that PM accomplishes the "tinting" by commenting the
postscript with a transfer function-like comment. Unfortunately, these
comments get ignored in the shuffle.... like when generating a PDF, or when
normalizing a PDF *BACK* to EPS, as is done frequently in some prepress

Basically, these days, you should always avoid using this method for tinting
a greyscale. You will be better off doing it elsewhere (i.e using Photoshop
for ghosting back or creating a tinted monotone)


Post by andy » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 23:25:13

In article <BC49554A.18FDD% XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Brad

Thanks. In this case I didn't produce the ad so I'm unsure how the "tint"
was achieved. I'll be having a look at it this week and I'll be sure to
check for PM tinting (not a feature I've used).

Andy D.