strike desperately gets Will's proof

strike desperately gets Will's proof

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From: "EPIC-News" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >
: Date: 05 Jun 1997 19:01:58 -0400
: Subject: EPIC: Clinton Endorses Privacy Rights
: In a commencement address at Morgan State University on May 18,
: President Clinton called privacy "one of our most cherished freedoms"
: and said that technology should not "break down the wall of privacy and
: autonomy free citizens are guaranteed in a free society."

Is President Clinton being honest?

He supports Clipper III and ECHELON's legal domestic extension CALEA.

The Washington Post, July 7, 1996: the Clinton Administration has sharply
increased use of Federal telephone wiretaps and other electronic surveillance
and officials estimate it will continue to grow.

What do you think?

Whitfield Diffie, Distinguished Engineer---Security at Sun Microsystems:

"An essential element of freedom is the right to privacy, a right that
cannot be expected to stand against an unremitting technological attack."

One cannot come up with a more 'unremitting technological attack'
than what is happening now.

That's worth saying again:

A more 'unremitting technological attack' could not be described!


*** netic control of society
---------- ------- -- -------

You are about to encounter the true use of the ' *** ' prefix.

*** netics is a cross-disciplinary science. The name was coined by
Norbert Wiener [pron. whiner], who was a professor of mathematics at
MIT, and did radar and firing-feedback mechanisms for the U.S. in
World War II. *** netics describes the complex of sciences dealing
with communication and control in the li