for Rashid the nation's feminist, toward me it's magnetic, whereas amongst you it's visiting purple

for Rashid the nation's feminist, toward me it's magnetic, whereas amongst you it's visiting purple

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Americans who came to Atlantic
* City during the 1964 Democratic convention.


A while back, I saw a black ex-police officer take a camera with him in
a car in LA at night. This was somewhere around the time of the Rodney
King beating. I was watching C-SPAN. Some sort of police officers
association meeting...

It was amazing how often he was pulled over, and the cheesy reasons the
officers gave.

"Your tail light was broken"

He got out with the camera still on, showed the tail light was fine, and
asked the officer what he was talking about.

"Oh, you're right. Sorry."

He was pulled over again and again and again.


The New Jersey State Police admitted they were targeting black drivers.

Pulling them over, and searching their vehicles inch-by-inch.


* The New York Times, December 14, 1995, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Six officers - five whites and one Asian-American - have plead guilty
* to corruption charges, including illegal searches, lying under oath
* and planting false evidence.
* The guilty plea

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